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The world premiere of the album in Poznań

June 21st 2013 (Friday), 1 p.m.

Henryk Wieniawski Musical Society in Poznań
address: Świętosławska 7 St., 61-840 Poznań


Plakat - premiera płyty Piotr Janowski. Legenda - CD 1 Piotr Janowski - zwycięzca V Międzynarodowego Konkursu Skrzypcowego im. H. Wieniawskiego (1967) / Archiwum Joanny Maklakiewicz Piotr Janowski / Archiwum Joanny Maklakiewicz Piotr Janowski. / Archiwum Joanny Maklakiewicz Piotr Janowski. Legenda - CD 2 P. Janowski / Archiwum Joanny Maklakiewicz Piotr Janowski / Z archiwum Joanny Maklakiewicz Piotr Janowski. Legenda - CD 3 Piotr Janowski  / Archiwum J. Maklakiewicz

Dear Friends,

Publishing this album has been my main target since my Husband died. Looking for a title, I decided to use the word ‘Legend’ because I had associated it with Piotr before I met him. At the same time, this is the title of probably the most widely-known piece by Henryk Wieniawski, a composer whose music my Husband tied his life to. Piotr did not leave any record of “Legend” although he used to play it frequently, and – like all the other pieces by the composer – in an extraordinary and unique way. Up to this day, his interpretation of this composition rings in my ears. Unfortunately, as for now, I cannot present it to you. I hope that we may yet find some live records, and that we will be able to complete the discography.

In this album, we present a recording of Piotr’s performances at the V Wieniawski International Violin Competition, which won him the First Prize; the prize that Poland had longed for. Piotr was sixteen at the time. The first disc is entirely comprised of these records. We made a small correction in the order to start with Henryk Wieniawski’s compositions. In reality though, Piotr played particular rounds chronologically.

On the second disc, you will find a selection of records made for the Polish Radio Archive in the period of three years between the competition and going to the USA. The first pieces were recorded on 6th December, the date, which will later turned out to be the day of his passing away.

The third disc is composed of live records from the United States: a solo performance from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and “New Arts Trio” from the Chautauqua Music Festival, NY. The last recordings are from our archive.

In the booklet, you will find Piotr’s reflections on Henryk Wieniawski’s music. I rewrote them from my Husband’s memoirs which he had used for his PhD thesis. The pieces which Piotr describes are recorded on the albums “Complete Works. Henryk Wieniawski” by the Norwegian record label 2L. For the purpose of the booklet we shortened the professional
and detailed analyses. Those who are interested, please refer to the PhD thesis.

I would like to emphasize how strongly Piotr was attached to Wieniawski; he knew his students and his students’ students. He told me once that he was absolutely certain that he KNEW how Wieniawski had played and what he had meant. He also thought that it was Wieniawski’s music that would be his legacy when he passes away. And, Piotr was a very modest man indeed. He rarely talked about himself; instead, he talked about others with gusto. In this case, as usual, when it came to art, he was absolutely right – he is considered to be the most outstanding modern interpreter ofHenrykWieniawski’s pieces.

At this point I would like to thank all the people whose selfless support first helped establish the Piotr Janowski Foundation, and now, also, to create this album. Since my Husband died I have been surrounded by a chain of people of goodwill; certain incredible and unforeseeable coincidences have taken place. We managed to do a lot. Piotr would be surprised and deeply moved if he could know how warmly people remember him, and what mark he left in many people’s lives.

My husband was a citizen of the world; he lived in a number of cities and countries, but I would like to highlight a few of them. His hometown, Grudziadz – and that means the Municipal Council, the Music School, the “Teatr” Culture Centre – does the best job to commemorate him. In fact, it is the people from these institutions and town residents who do it.

I received great support from employees of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and the Licensing Department of the Leonard Bernstein Office in New York. I thank you all warmly!

The main goal of the Piotr Janowski Foundation is spreading the Artist’s legacy. It is difficult to come by Piotr Janowski’s records on the music market. We will always make his records available or help in delivering them. If you are interested, feel free to contact us:

We also invite you to visit the Foundation’s website:

This album is a gift for friends, students and admirers of Piotr Janowski.

Joanna Maklakiewicz, Piotr Janowski’s wife


Steven Doane (born 1950), an American cellist, currently a professor at the Eastman School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has been awarded with the Diapason d’Or distinction and the Piatigorsky Prize.

Jerzy Lefeld (1898-1980), a Polish pianist, chamber musician. composer, teacher. A longtime professor of the Warsaw Coservatory; Witold Lutosławski was one of his students. He performed with the most famous musicians of his time.

Maciej Paderewski (1943-2010), a Polish pianist, chamber musician, teacher, a professor of the Frederic Chopin Music University. He recorded many chamber music pieces. Among other awards, he received the Diapason d’Or distinction.

Rebecca Penneys (born 1946), an American pianist, the critics’ award laureate at the V International Chopin Competition in Warsaw, the founder of The New Arts Trio. Currently a professor of piano at the Eastman School of Music.

Zdzisław Szostak (born 1930), a Polish composer and conductor, artistic director of the Poznan Philharmonic (1967-71), a professor at the Academy of Music in Łódz.

Zofia Vogtman (1921-2003), a Polish pianist and chamber musician. A long-time professor at the Music Academy in Warsaw. She permanently collaborated with professor Irena Dubiska.