Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio

photos. K. Ziober

The Chamber Orchestra “Amadeus” was founded in Poznań by Agnieszka Duczal in 1968. Initially it worked under the patronage of “Jeunesses Musicales” and later of the Poznań Music Society. In1977 the Orchestra became a full-time employed group of the Polish Radio and Television. Since 1988 the Orchestra has been condusted by Agnieszka Duczmal as the Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio “Amadeus”. The breakthrough in the Orchestra's history was winning the Herbert von Karajan Silver Medal at the International Meeting of Young Orchestras in West Berlin in 1976. The Orchestra co-operates with world famous soloists, takes part in festivals, makes numerous tours of Europe, both Americas,  Asia and the Far East and performs in the most famous concert halls in the world (including e.g. La Scala).

The Orchestra regularly makes records for the Polish Radio (over 8000 minutes of music covering repertoire ranging from baroque to the contemporary times), also for foreign radio and television channels, like e.g. BBC (London), CBC (Montreal), NDR, WDR, SFD, the Mexican radio and more than 5 hours of music for 1 Channel of French TV.


Agnieszka Duczmal

Agnieszka Duczmal is the founder, the exclusive conductor and art director of the Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio “Amadeus”, and also the first woman conductor to perform in the famous La Scala in Milan. The recognition won with the audience and critique is confirmed by enthusiastic reviews and also by prizes, among others an honourable mention at the 4th Hrbert von Karajan International Conductor Contest in Berlin (1975), the Herbert von Karajan silver medal at the International Young Orchestra Meeting in West Berlin (1976) and the title of “La donna del mondo” 1982 (“The woman of the world”) granted under UNESCO's patronage by the president of Itly in recognition for the outstanding cultural, scientific and social achievements. She graduated with honours from the State College of Music in Poznań (1966-1971) where she studied conducting tutored by Professor Witold Krzemiński. Then she began to work as a conductor assistant in the State Philharmonic in Poznań and a conductor in Poznań Opera, where she prepared, among others, the Polish premiere of an opera by B. Britten “The Midsummer Night's Dream”.

When she was still a student she founded the Chamber Orchestra (1968) later transformed into the Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio and Television (1977), and then into the Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio “ Amadeus” (1988) with which she has been visiting the most famous concert halls in the world, making many recordings: over 8000 minutes of music recorded for the Polish Radio and Television, WDR, NDR, BBC and the French and Mexican Television, hosting excellent soloists and promoting young talent.