• Letter of Ms. Marianne Granvig - General Secretary of the World Federation of International Music Competitions
    with a seat in Geneva:

Thank you very much for the invitation to the Wieniawski Competition. The final stage of the event was a truly magnificent experience. The level of musicianship was very high, indeed. As always, your hospitality was extraordinary. I feel in Poznań like a queen surrounded by true friends (which is not always the case with queens). Please accept my sincere congratulations on this great success, as well as best wishes for the Competition in the future.

With friendly greetings
Marianne Granvig

General Secretary of FMCIM/WFIMC



  • Email from Mr. Dino Mastroyiannis - concert pianist:

About the Wieniawski Competition 2011: it was not only the HIGHEST level of the performances (both violinists, orchestras and conductors), it was not only the EXCELLENT way of the Organization, it was not only the BREATHTAKING "electricity" in the Hall, but it was THE REAL HUMANITY of everyone who was involved in the Competition!!! I will never forget the flowers that the President of your Competition offered to Soyoung Yoon, announcing to her the First Prize. I never saw such a DEEP humanity and REAL nobleness.

With kindest regards,
Prof. Dino Mastroyiannis
, Greece