Julian Sitkovetsky

'Where a day is not enough for other violin players, all he needs is an hour'. This is how Abram Yampolsky, Professor at Moscow Conservatory described the uniqueness of his student's talent. Son of a recognised violinist, and later father to one, husband to outstanding pianist, Bella Davidovich, Julian Sitkovetsky (b. 1925) was not only a virtuoso but also a musician of a highest stature (and these two do not always go together). In Jan Weber's words, had he lived longer, he would not have had any rivals. Unfortunately, the artist was just under thirty-five when he died in Moscow.

Julian Sitkowiecki (USSR) - Nicolo Paganini - La Campanella - Inna Kallegorskaja (piano).mp3 4.56 MB

Julian Sitkowiecki (USSR) - Henryk Wieniawski - Polonasie in D major Op. 4 - Inna Kallegorskaja (piano).mp3 4.26 MB

Julian Sitkowiecki (USSR) - Henryk Wieniawski - Caprice Op. 10 No. 7 La Cadenza.mp3 3.87 MB

Julian Sitkowiecki (USSR) - Adam Andrzejowski - Burleska - Inna Kallegorskaja (piano).mp3 2.99 MB

Julian Sitkowiecki (USSR) - Karol Szymanowski - The Fountain of Arethusa from Myths Op. 30 - Inna Kallegorskaja (piano).mp3 5.18 MB

Rec. competition presentation (1952).