Jarosław Żołnierczyk

Jarosław Żołnierczyk (b. 1966) is graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznań, and laureate of International Carl Nielsen Competition in Odense as well as Georg Kulenkampf Competition in Cologne. Soloist and chamber musician, he gives concerts and makes recordings in several countries.He is the concertmaster with 'Amadeus' Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio, the first violinist of the Wieniawski Quartet, as well as educator at the Academy of Music in Poznań.


Jarosław Żołnierczyk (Poland) - Henryk Wieniawski - Scherzo-Tarantella Op. 16 - Bogdana Janikowska (piano).mp3 4.27 MB

Rec. competition presentation (1991).