Pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act, musical instruments also belong to the category of copyrighted works (violin-making works: Par. 1 art. 2 sub-art. 4).

In view of the above, we wish to inform that voluntary submission of instruments for the Competition is tantamount with granting the organiser a non-exclusive licence to employ these instruments in the following fields of use:

  1. public presentation of instruments in electronic (3D presentation) and printed form, as well as during an exhibition held after the competition where instruments are displayed in a form of a museum exhibition available to the public,
  2. performance of any piece of music on instruments submitted for the Competition during competition auditions available to the public which are recorded and published on the Competition webpage, as well disseminated as an attachment to the 3D presentation,
  3. fixation, duplication and dissemination in any technique (print, Internet, radio, television) of the image and performances specified in art. 2,
  4. fixation of works in any technique, incl. recording of image at the Competition, digital 3D photography, recording of sound,
  5. dissemination of works by means of television broadcast, presentation on the Internet, including, in particular, publication of instrument images on the Competition webpage, printing images presenting the instruments in the Competition catalogue, as well as in all communication related to the Competition.

Granting the said non-exclusive licence is not subject to remuneration (par. 43 art. 1 of the Act).